Surgical Advances

Using the most recent advances in dental implant technology, Dr. Steven Hribernik and Dr. William Gray are most often able to extract a tooth or teeth, perform a ridge preservation graft (or bone augmentation procedure), and place the implant/s along with abutment/s all at the same time.  Sometimes, however, the oral surgeon recommends conducting the process in stages whereby the first stage involves inserting the implant/s into the jaw and waiting for a sufficient bone-fusing period to occur,( typically three to six months.)  During the healing time you should be able to wear a temporary prosthesis and eat a soft diet.  After the implant/s have bonded to the jawbone, the second stage begins.  Drs. Hribernik or Gray will uncover or surgically expose  the implant/s and attach an abutment/s, which are connecting pieces that join the prosthetic to the titanium screw.  ( When the prosthetic crown/s  are placed, these posts will not be seen.)  At stage two he places either temporary healing abutment/s or permanent abutment/s (depending on the pre-arranged plan between the oral surgeon and  your restoring dentist), and refers you back to your dentist for the final fabrication of the prosthetic/s.

Implants are performed in the office using local anesthesia, and either with, or without, general anesthesia.

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