Bone Morphogenetic Protein

Bone morphogenetic protein is an isolated protein that induces specific cells in our body to form new cartilage and bone. During surgery, a collagen sponge is soaked with BMP and is then placed where bone is needed, such as a sinus lift site, an extraction site, or where dental implants are to be placed.  The BMP works by signaling stem calls to migrate to this area.  These cells are bone forming cells that will grow bone in the area where the BMP was placed.  The sponge is then designed to resorb, or disappear, over time.

Bone morphogenetic protein is remarkable in the fact that when placed, the bone that grows is your own bone, with your own DNA makeup.  Since there is no need to harvest bone from the patients’ hip for BMP, recipients are spared donor site pain. Complications from the graft harvest site are also eliminated with the use of bone morphogenetic protein.

Dr. Hribernik and Dr. Gray would be happy to discuss all grafting options with you at the time of your consultation.

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