Ridge Augmentation

What is a Ridge Augmentation?

A ridge augmentation is a common dental procedure often performed to help recreate the natural contour of the gums and jaw that may have been compromised due to bone loss as a result of a tooth extraction. The ridge augmentation is optimally performed immediately following the extraction, but sometimes can be performed to repair bone loss that has already occurred.

The alveolar ridge of the jaw is the bone that surrounds the roots of the teeth. When a tooth is removed, an empty socket is left in the alveolar bone of the ridge.  Usually this empty socket will heal itself, filling with bone and tissue. Sometimes when a tooth is removed, the bone surrounding the socket breaks, and it is unable to heal on its own. The previous height and width of the socket will continue to deteriorate.

Rebuilding the original height and width of the alveolar ridge may be required for dental implant placement or for aesthetic purposes. Dental implants require bone to support their structure, and a ridge augmentation can help rebuild this bone to accommodate the implant.

Bone grafting is a highly successful treatment and a substantial base for immediate or future implant placement.

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