Our Staff

For more information or to schedule a consultation, call our St. Louis office at St. Louis Office Phone Number (314) 842-4699 or our Festus, MO office at Festus Office Phone Number (636) 931-4699.

The unexpectedly pleasant outreach of a good staff can make all the difference during medical appointments, and word of mouth reputation is supremely important in the Midwest.   We know patients may be fearful or hesitant in facing or recovering from a surgical procedure. Our goal is to focus on the sensitive way in which we monitor our patients during and after the surgical procedures. Our nurturing staff, many of whom have worked here well over a decade, extend a competently supportive role in your care so we aren’t surprised to receive warm thank you notes from patients expressing their gratitude for their experience here.

Behind this great care each surgical assistant has received the Missouri Dental Board’s approved training course in general anesthesia monitoring, and each staff member maintains regularly updated certification in CPR training for healthcare professionals. Additionally, our staff engages in regular OSHA and HIPAA training events, and all are trained in the essentials of practice safety and sterilization protocols from the American Dental Association,   OSHA, and the Centers for Disease Control or CDC, all of which are rigidly followed.

Our receptionists and accounts receivable staff will reliably convey the extent of information available from your insurance plan so essential in the claims process.  They can ably guide your understanding and maneuvering through insurance claims; explanation of benefits reports; pre-estimate work sheets; the interest free finance plan, Care Credit; and various other services that may be unfamiliar or daunting. We value the importance we can make in the life of our community, and we strive to reflect justified pride in our work as service to you. We also welcome comments or feedback at any time.