Removal of Wisdom Teeth

In most cases, the removal of wisdom teeth is performed using general anesthesia.  Once the teeth are removed, the gum tissue is sutured, if necessary.  To help control bleeding, gauze will be placed on the extraction sites.  Your comfort and recovery will be monitored in our office until you are released to be taken home.  Our assistants will review post-operative care instructions and allow you and your family to ask questions. Upon discharge, your post-operative kit will include extra gauze, written post-operative instructions, and prescriptions for pain medication and possibly antibiotics.  Phone numbers to both office locations, including an after-hours exchange phone number, will be included on the post-operative instruction sheet as well.  This exchange number allows you to contact the oral surgeon on call during evenings and weekends.

Our services are provided in an environment of optimal safety.  We rely on state-of-the-art monitoring equipment during procedures, and our sterilization equipment is continuously monitored and tested regularly.